Want to play an essential role in our upcoming Strategic Planning process?

Later this year we’ll be launching Decatur’s once-a-decade strategic planning process, mapping out the City’s priorities and projects for the next ten years.

It’s how Decatur residents shape the future of the city. But not until they know what’s happening and how to participate.

You can help with that. By joining our Engagement Squad.

Engagement Squad volunteers will help share information about the process with the various networks in which they already participate: worship, schools, business groups, neighborhood associations, clubs, and more. Just sign up below. Let us know the groups you’re involved with and your willingness to pass along info at each stage in the process.

That’s it. With a big enough Squad, we can blanket Decatur with the most effective community outreach tool there is — person-to-person communication — and ensure the most representative, inclusive process in Decatur history.

Sign me up, I want to help.

By signing up below you commit to sharing the information you receive by email — graphics, flyers, links and otherwise — with the groups and forums you participate in.

You may also be asked for help in identifying groups that may be getting missed and for ideas on how to better reach them.